Digital Graffiti – Flyer // English works and looks like real graffiti, the only difference is that is digital. With an electronic spray can the user sprays on a big screen. Our camera tracks the movement and our software converts the movement in realistically simulated paint. The paint even drips and the colors blend. We also give the option of using stencils, so other street art styles can be applied.
It is like real graffiti, without the stains and smells!

Many graffiti artist have used our installation to make graffiti, but also for beginners it is a good way to get to know graffiti, to experiment and have fun. It is suited for all ages. Children feel right at home and express their creativity and fantasy.

Events has already been used on many events, businesses events and festivals. Our highlight was being an integral part the world renowned graffiti artist Banksy exposition in Amsterdam.


With visitors can make souvenirs. You can have your self made graffiti works printed on special postcard paper. It can be taken home as a souvenir or sent it to a loved one. It is also possible to have your personal graffiti be  printed on a t shirt or cup.

Video mapping

An other advantage of digital graffiti is that the work can be projected as large as one wants, on any surface. The artist can work on the comfortable sized screen, while the work is projected on a building, car or inside wall. Any surface can be transformed, with lights and creativity.